CTech’s MOBloT product provided near real-time data communication and image transfer

Developed by Zyrone Dynamics, the ZCQM aircraft was integrated with CTech's patented MOBIoT product, which enables multi-channel communication, providing near real-time data communication and image transfer, controlling the aircraft beyond sight.

In this way, the aircraft stationed in Ankara-Ayaş was controlled from Doha, Qatar and successfully carried out the mission flight.

MOBIoT offers innovative solutions for the inspection of power plants, transmission lines and towers for monitoring and maintenance. MOBIoT, which provides BVLOS (Beyond Line-of-Sight) communication capabilities for drones, enables inspection, fault detection and maintenance of facilities and assets where human access is difficult and costly. Drones with which the MOBIoT Real-Time BVLOS Communication solution is integrated can collect data quickly and accurately thanks to the sensors and cameras installed on them. This data can be used in real time by energy and utilities companies to make informed and effective decisions to manage operations.

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Data Collection
Uninterrupted Beyond Line-of-Sight Communication
Avoiding Dangerous Situations
Minimizing Human Exposure
Reducing the Risk of Liability
Increasing Productivity

MOBIoT ve ZCQM Drone ile Enerji Nakil Hatları ve Kulelerini Canlı İnceleme ve Bakım

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