HAVELSAN showcases its C4ISR technologies at DSEI 2023

HAVELSAN, a global leader in the defense technologies participates in the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2023 event. HAVELSAN will be exhibiting its state-of-the-art C4ISR technologies for Land, Air, and Naval domains, autonomous technologies and vessel traffic services technologies at this prestigious defense exhibition.

DSEI is one of the world's premier defense and security events, bringing together leading industry players, government officials, and military experts. HAVELSAN's participation underscores its commitment to advancing the capabilities of armed forces at global scale and ensuring national security of any country through its cutting-edge technology solutions.

At DSEI 2023, HAVELSAN will showcase its innovative C4ISR solutions, which have been designed to enhance situational awareness, operational effectiveness, and mission success across various domains. HAVELSAN's C4ISR technologies seamlessly integrate advanced communication, data analysis, and intelligence capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution for modern defense needs.


Key highlights of HAVELSAN's participation at DSEI 2023 include:

HAVELSAN's C4ISR technologies for land applications provide commanders with real-time information, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly. Visitors at DSEI will witness how our solutions enhance land-based operations, from battlefield management to border security. Especially DOOB the Joint/Land Command and Control Information System of HAVELSAN which can be used at strategic and operational levels with static and portable systems, will be the prominent solution of this segment to meet the C4I requirements of land forces.

HAVELSAN's aerial C4ISR solutions offer critical support to airborne missions, ensuring efficient communication, navigation, and intelligence gathering. HAVELSAN demonstrates how its technologies play a pivotal role in air superiority and the safety of both military and civilian airspace. Turkish Air Force Battle Management System which was recently scrutinised by NATO high level officials in coordination with Turkish Air Forces Command, will be the the focal solution of this section at DSEI’23.

HAVELSAN’s naval C4ISR technologies provide naval forces with the advanced solutions to operate effectively in maritime environments. HAVELSAN's solutions facilitate secure communication, data sharing, and surveillance, enhancing maritime situational awareness and safeguarding territorial waters. ADVENT Network Enabled Naval Combat Management System which is among the world’s top naval defense technologies preferred by world navies besides Turkish Naval Forces stands as the flagship of this category of solutions at DSEI’23.

Moreover, HAVELSAN’s Vessel Traffic Services MATRA VTS and Coastal Surveillance Radar System which are both proven solutions and preferred by relevant authorities in Türkiye will cast the attention especially of the visitors who are interested in the maritime traffic safety and coastal security.

Mr. Şevket ÜNAL, Deputy of General Manager of HAVELSAN, expressed his excitement about the event, stating "DSEI 2023 offers an invaluable platform for us to showcase HAVELSAN's commitment to innovation in defense technology. Our C4ISR solutions are at the forefront of modern military capabilities, and we are eager to demonstrate their effectiveness in addressing the evolving challenges faced by armed forces worldwide."

Besides C4ISR technologies, HAVELSAN’s autonomous platforms and systems classified under Digital Troop Technologies including land, air and sea vehicles BARKAN UGV, BAHA UAV, SANCAR AUSV and eventually the very new member of the family ÇAKA DAY KİDA which was launched at IDEF’23 once again will collect great attention at DSEI’23.

Havelsan is exhibiting its capabilities at the booth H3-535.

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