Milanion Makes Inroads into Ukraine by Signing MOU with Ukrainian Armor

Just weeks after first exhibiting its flagship AGEMA unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) in Kyiv, Ukraine, Milanion has strategically positioned itself to take a share of the Eastern European defense market. The company is making inroads into Ukraine with the signing of an MOU with Ukrainian Armor LLC (“Ukrainian Armor”) for distribution rights to the AGEMA UGV.

Interest in the AGEMA UGV has surged since the vehicle was recently showcased at the Arms and Security 21 exhibition in Kyiv. The ultra-versatile AGEMA is a modular, agile, affordable UGV, equipped with proven world-class technology and performance. It is designed to support a range of missions in a variety of sectors including defense, civil defense, security, fire and rescue.

The AGEMA can operate in rough, rugged terrain and is mobile enough for both urban and rural environments. It can be rapidly deployed by rotary and fixed-wing air assets, is amphibious and able to support static ground and mobile units.

“Ukraine is an important market for Milanion, and having already successfully worked with Ukrainian Armor, we find they have the capabilities, authority and flexibility to create and service any demand for the vehicle while responding quickly to changing market conditions, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions to local preferences,” said Milanion CEO, Davinder Dogra.

The AGEMA is payload agnostic and can support a range of mission profiles including, logistic support, fire support, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), anti-tank support, drone launch and anti-drone systems, medevac, route inspection and clearance, MESH encrypted communication, border protection, critical infrastructure security and protection, fire and rescue.

“We are already a well-known supplier of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine’s defense forces, and have the capability and resources to get units of the AGEMA UGV into ’active duty’. We find the AGEMA is a robust and versatile vehicle equipped with world-class technology, yet simple to operate, low maintenance and affordable,” ​ said Ukrainian Armor Director General Vladislav Belbas.

Milanion Makes Inroads into Ukraine by Signing MOU with Ukrainian Armor

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