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Istanbul Silah Sales and Marketing Manager Burak Unver told about the company's Impala Plus kinetic semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun, Its own 308 caliber hunting rifle Monza and recently developed military sniper rifle.

Burak Unver, stating that Istanbul Silah was established in 2003, said the following:

"For more than 15 years we worked as a supplier for very well-known world-famous brands. We make fully finished products, one shotgun and one semiauto rifle for another company and also we do have a rifle and a shotgun with our own brand.

In 2016 we started making Impala plus which is a 12 gauge, with this one, for five years now, we entered more than 30 countries in exports and in 2018, 3 years ago, we developed 308 hunting carbine, which is light weight durable and reliable. It has a very simple basic design so its easy to use and also its very easy to disassemble fully you don’t need any tools to take everything apart. It has a very smooth bolt which is the main difference compared to other bolt action rifles. Trigger is also smooth and you need to feel it to be honest.

Very recently we developed a military grade chassis for this bolt action rifle. You can remove this stock with two screws in the bottom and put it on something like this for military configuration, also barrel diameter and couple of other configuration is different than the civilian version.

We export more than 99% of our production. We are the, in terms of quantity, We are the biggest company in Turkey on shotguns and rifles for civilian market only. We don’t have much investment in military grade products and we don’t have much business in military style but from time to time as the need occurs, sometimes we do military stuff also. Thank you very much for joining us, have a good day."

Istanbul Silah and Savunma A.S., is an industrial Corporation established in Istanbul for manufacturing of hunting and sporting firearms in 2003.

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