Türkiye’s Defense Industry Agenda 25 September – 1 October 2023

• The Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, which was established on September 26, 1987, and includes the leading companies of the Turkish defense industry, turned 36 years old.
• Eskişehir Industrial Fair, which was held for the 3rd time this year to introduce projects and products related to Türkiye's domestic and national power in defense, aviation, and machinery industry, was completed.
• TEKNOFEST Izmir, organized at Çiğli Airport under the leadership of T3 Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, hosted its guests between 27 September and 01 October 2023. The people of Izmir showed great interest in the festival.
• Türkiye's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises list prepared by Istanbul Chamber of Industry has been announced. In the top 100, there are 4 defense industry companies and 11 defense industry companies overall.
• The Helicopter Securing and Transfer System, which was localized by STM and Altınay Defense, was first integrated into the national frigate TCG Istanbul and port reception activities were completed.
• Türkiye's first national armored SUV vehicle TULGA, which was developed by BMC and will be offered to the use of the Gendarmerie, was exhibited for the first time at TEKNOFEST Izmir.
• Turkish Aerospace General Manager Temel Kotil said that the ejection seat of the National Combat Aircraft KAAN was purchased from the UK and the first test was successfully completed.
• In the R&D 250 survey prepared by the Economy and Business Portal Turkishtime, Türkiye’s 500 companies with the highest R&D expenditure were announced. In the top 10 of the list, 5 defense industry companies took place.
• Türkiye's first national turbodiesel aviation engine PD170, designed and produced by TEI, flew for 35 hours with AKSUNGUR UAV.
• The Presidency of Defense Industries organized a conference in Ankara with the participation of institutions that produce products that are used and can be used in activities to combat IED.
• Furkan Katmerci, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Katmerciler, said that the Remote Controlled Shooting Platform developed jointly with ASELSAN is being prepared for mass production.

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