CET Composite develops a new generation resin system specific to the ballistic industry

CET Composite develops new generation resin systems specific to the ballistic industry with nearly 40 years of knowledge and experience in the chemical industry.

Türkiye's first and only epoxy manufacturer CET Composite and Epoxy Technologies Inc. offers innovative and tailor-made special resin systems, foam systems, lightweight, fireproof systems and composite material solutions to the defense industry and critical sectors with its expert R&D team. With its recently developed new generation epoxy, polyurea and polyurethane and polymer matrix-based resin systems that provide protection according to the threat levels in ballistic standards, CET Composite aims to take the armor systems it offers to its customers, especially in the ballistic sector, to a higher level.

The polymer systems designed, developed and synthesized by CET Composite meet the needs of many domestic and foreign companies operating in the private sector with the needy authorities. CET also provides its customers with the development and synthesis of polymer systems that hold together the components of ballistic protective composites and further enhance their properties.
It also supports the ability to develop armor solutions that increase indigenousness rates. Armor solutions developed with resin systems developed by CET composite make significant contributions to the operational range of the platforms, which are of vital importance such as maneuverability, as they are lighter than their counterparts.

Protection to ballistic threat levels

Noting that resin systems are an important element in the development of the capabilities of polymer matrix composite armors, Ömer Güven, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CET Composite and Epoxy Technologies Inc., said, "Polymer Matrix Composite Armor Systems are used on many platforms in individual and additive configurations. Platforms protected by Polymer Matrix Composite armors are superior to those protected by conventional armors in terms of lightness, working time and performance capability. The development of the properties of the aforementioned polymer matrix composite armors with cost-effective, new generation resin systems is of great importance in terms of the survivability of the platforms and the increase in vehicle capabilities. We have observed an increase in performance by improving parameters such as hardness-toughness ratio, resistance to environmental conditions, damage tolerance, abrasion resistance and mechanical durability in individual configuration armor systems with resin systems modified and synthesized according to the special needs of their customers."

"CET Resin Systems reduces imports"

Pointing out that they combine the extensive experience in the chemical industry with the competencies of the R&D team, Güven stated that they continue to work in coordination with the national defense industry move and the domestic industry move.

Güven noted that they localized resin systems used in many areas and imported and offered them to the service of critical sectors, and said:

"We continue our R&D and P&D activities not only in critical sectors but also in civilian sectors. We will continue to work with determination and great motivation to eliminate the foreign dependency of critical sectors in this sense and to contribute to the survival of our country in all areas."


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