Diver Detection Sonar ARAS 2023 enters Turkish Naval Forces Command inventory 

The Diver Detection Sonar ARAS 2023, developed by ARMELSAN Defense with domestic resources, has entered the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces Command to be used on the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu (L-400).

ARMELSAN Defense Technologies Chairman of the Board Yetkin Karakaş announced the development with the following post on his Twitter account:

"The ARAS-2023 DIVER DETECTION SONAR, which was produced for the first time in Turkey, passed the tests and entered the inventory of our Naval Forces with TCG ANADOLU. We would like to express our gratitude to SSB President İsmail Demir and SSB employees who supported us during the DTS development and production phase."

Diver Detection Sonar ARAS 2023

  • ARAS 2023 is an active sonar system that can automatically detect, follow the position (distance and bearing) and classify underwater divers with open circuit breathing systems, closed circuit breathing systems or diver transportation vehicles.
  • ARAS 2023, which has a 360-degree coverage, will be used to protect the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu from underwater threats.
  • Another feature of the system is that it does not require an operator. Sonar uses signal processing algorithms that distinguish a fish or a fixed object in the water from a diver, thanks to its automatic detection tracking classification unit.
  • In this way, the system automatically detects and gives a warning without the need for an operator.
  • Such diver detection sonars are developed by only 4 countries in the world, including Turkey.

Technical specifications:

Immersion Depth: 5-50 m
Frequency: 70 kHz
Bandwidth: -/+ 5 kHz
Source Level: 207 dB
Signal Types: HFM
Weight of Underwater Unit (Air): 40 kg
Underwater Unit Dimensions: Height 425 mm, Diameter 300 mm
Detection Ranges:
Open Circuit Submersible – 800 meters (1600 m circular detection diameter),
Closed Circuit Submersible – 400 m (800 m circular detection diameter),
Underwater Vehicles – 1000 m (2000 m circular detection diameter)
Detected Threats:
• Divers
• Diver Departure Vehicles
• Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
• Mini Submarines

General features

Lightweight Portable Design
Open architecture, external sensor integration possibility
Low maintenance cost
360° sonar coverage, sectoral transmission in 90° steps
Sonar Performance prediction model
Representation in polar and cartesian coordinates
High precision position notifications
365 days, 24/7 operation in all weather and water conditions
2000 contact maintenance at the same time
Data logging and replay for task analysis and training purposes
Network-based handling and operation with multiple underwater units

Use areas:

Strategic Offshore Platforms
Military Ships and Bases
Strategic Facilities
Luxury Yachts

Diver Detection Sonar ARAS 2023 enters Turkish Naval Forces Command inventory

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