Helicopter Securing and Transfer System integrated into TCG ISTANBUL

The Helicopter Securing and Transfer System, which the Turkish defense industry faced embargoes, was developed in Türkiye. The system was first integrated into the national frigate TCG İSTANBUL and port reception activities were completed. The system allowed the SH-70 Sea Hawk helicopter to safely approach the ship in the first helicopter test.

Within the scope of the studies coordinated by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), the final stage of the Helicopter Securing and Transfer System Localization and Procurement Project, which was signed between STM and Altınay Defense Technologies in May 2021, has been started. The installation and integration of the Helicopter Securing and Transfer System, which was delivered to the shipyard in April, on the first national frigate TCG Istanbul was carried out with the support of the Istanbul Shipyard Command. Port reception tests of the system were also completed in the presence of representatives of SSB, Naval Forces Command and STM.

Altınay Defense Technologies and STM conducted "First Operation Readiness Tests" in August. Within the scope of these tests, the system was operated on the ship for the first time and all functions were verified in detail. After the "First Operational Readiness Tests", the first helicopter tests were carried out with the approach of the SH-70 Sea Hawk helicopter. The system successfully detected the position of the SH-70 helicopter and tracked the helicopter with the Helicopter Securing Vehicle.

During the "Port Reception Tests", all functions of the system were tested and verified. As a result of the tests, it was proved that the locally developed system is ready to land the SH-70 Sea Hawk helicopter. In the final phase of the tests, the SH-70 Sea Hawk helicopter will dock on the ship and land on the deck with the visual landing support provided by the system. The helicopter will then be secured by the system and transferred to the hangar.

Helicopters in safe hands

The Helicopter Securing and Transfer System is equipped to allow helicopters to safely land on the ship, secure them and be towed to the hangar. In the system, which uses sub-components such as the camera and the laser system mounted on the helicopter, the position of the helicopter is calculated by image processing. This calculated data ensures that the helicopter is held at an accurate angle by means of a quick capture tool. While the helicopter is landing, the quick capture vehicle claw catches the helicopter with a sudden movement. During all these operations, there is no need for personnel to be present at the landing site. Only one staff member can carry out the process from the checkpoint. The system, which has been made ready for duty in "record time", will also take its place in new ships that will enter the inventory, increase the indigenousness rate in national ships and join the export items of the defense industry.

Source: AA

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